2,000+ Units

Injection & rotational molding, CNC milling.

This project involved the task of developing and designing new housing for an Acoustic Recorder.

This new model would include the abilities of two current recorders and record both bat and bird in the New Zealand environment. The end result was a reduction in cost, weight and manufacturing time.

The change in production materials and systems resulted in a saving of roughly $60-80 per unit with a production run now over 2,000 units.

As the build involved various manufacturing methods I learnt a lot from local and international manufacturers.


Over roughly 6 months I did a lot of sketching in both 2D & 3D as well as prototyping with 3D printing and hand crafted workshop models.


Manufacturing breakdown:
Injection Molding - Chassis and Microphone Cap.
CNC Turning - Electronic Mount & Locking Ring
Rotation Molding  - Shell/Case