Self-service smart scale point of sale kiosk

Right now, consumers are having to choose between convenience and affordability in the goods supply chain.


  • Home delivery is super convenient - but too expensive!

  • Big supermarkets have the cheapest prices but are not convenient to many consumers

 - especially out of towners and those without cars.


  • For rural and remote retailers, being open 24/7 is not feasible, and in winter they reduce their hours, even more, to make ends meet. They are missing out on a large number of consumers who live and work outside of their operating hours. 


Our solution:

We’re taking the supermarket self-checkout, outside

with our Vendor Point-Of-Sale machine,
it is smart, robust, and available to consumers 24/7.


Here’s how it works:
By the consumer simply presenting their EFTPOS/Credit Card, the lid of the Vendor system pops open, allowing the consumer to pick out the items they want. When they’re done

 by simply closing the lid, the transaction is completed. 

The Vendor machine then calculates the change in total weight to determine what has been purchased and charges the card accordingly. 


There has never been an easier way to stock and purchase any type of item.

VENDOR. Where you want it, When you need it.